Human right violation justification

Topics: Human rights, Women's rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 3 (1349 words) Published: November 16, 2013
Q) Can the violation of human rights ever be justified?
What is human rights? We have always heard the phrase ‘human rights’ being used in newspapers, essays, even in daily life but have we ever truly understood its meaning? Human right is an act that aims to protect the basic welfare of the people in the world regardless of age, religion or race. It is an act that aims to ensure that there is equality among the people. However, the question here is – Is it being followed? Are people, companies and governments abiding by the basic rights or is there any rights being opposed? I believe that the human rights act was passed for a reason and under no context should it be acceptable to violate it. Under human rights, we have the right of freedom, the right to education, to healthcare, to equal job opportunities, to minimum wages and to equality where we are not discriminated based on our race, religion or gender. Yet even with all of these in place, there are still cases where there is inequality. The rights to freedom gives us the power of choice, to make our own decisions, to speak our mind, to live our life as we wish and to do what we want how and when we want to. But do we really have the right to freedom? In many Asian societies, especially in India and China, girls are forced to marry at a young age, that too to someone who their family chooses. In a society where the dowry system is still in place, families are willing to marry off their daughters to any man who is willing to accept the least amount of dowry. It does not matter whether or not the man is good or evil, old or young. The main purpose is to rid themselves of the burden of an unmarried daughter. What happens to the daughters then when they become victims of domestic abuse, when they have to give up their careers and dreams against their choice. Another example is the choice of personal sexual preference. The choice of liking a guy or a girl depends on the individual himself and cannot be forces...
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