Morality of Slavery

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Slavery, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: May 17, 2013

Humans are created equal according to the teachings of the church. They all enjoy the gift of life and thus everything that goes with it - rights and privileges. Men, all have the right to decent living. With this it means that all human beings must be able to satisfy all their basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. They must be able to eat at least three times a day. They must be able to live in decent houses and they must be able to wear nice clothes Human equality, in an ideal society, must and should be observed at all times. Equality encompasses the different facets of life from simple issues inside a household to the biggest issue like economics. For example, if one citizen enjoys the right to engage in business, it must also be true with another citizen of a particular nation. If one parent can send his child to school, another parent must also be able to do so and if an individual can allot some money for let’s say a new gadget another individual must be able to do just the same But what was mentioned above was equality in an ideal society. The ideal society is still something to achieve. Equality in the world man lives in is a different word. Equality in the world man lives in is yet to be realized The most visible proof of inequality in today’s world and in yesterday’s world is slavery Slavery is a condition that has been prevalent. It has been prevalent in the sense that it’s as deeply rooted in human system since time immemorial. Many would contest that it is a condition that the human society is done and over with. But looking at a macro level at the issue, mankind is not yet free from this problem. That up to this computer age, slavery still exists - in all corners of the world and all races are victims of it. Contemporary slavery does not only equate to helping in the household and doing chores for the master. In some cases nowadays slaves are slaves of their own. Slavery today comes in different faces. If slaves during...
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