Elitism Speech

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, African slave trade Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: January 30, 2015
Prebish Rai - Elitism Speech
Help STOP elitism. I have chosen this topic because I thought it was the most interesting and intriguing, and I also felt that it was one of the most important topics. But before I start I should tell you what elitism is. Elitism is the belief that a certain person or members of certain classes or groups deserve favoured treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority/social statues. There have been many major events on elitism, but none as big as the slave trade. Immediately, thousands of Black Africans were forced into slavery by the British, some were sold and traded by their own tribe leader and in return they would get given better weaponry. Unfair, unhuman, unsanitary. Once captured they were taken on board the ship, stripped naked and examined from head to toe by the captain or surgeon. The air in where they were held was foul and putrid, seasickness was common and the heat was oppressive. The lack of sanitation and suffocating conditions meant disease, epidemic of fever, dysentery and small pox were frequent. Captives endured these conditions for about two months or longer, in good weather captives were bought on to deck and would be forced to exercise, the captives would also be fed twice a day and this was to keep the “stock” healthy. The combination of disease, inadequate food and rebellion took a toll on the captives and the crew. Overall the conditions on board the ship during the Middle Passage (Africa to England) were appalling. The men were packed together below deck and were secured by leg iron, they were so cramped that they either had to lie down or crouch. Woman and Children were kept in different quarters, sometimes on deck, allowing limited freedom of movement, but this exposed them to violence and sexual abuse from the crew. I think this is completely wrong. This can also be linked to the modern world. Even though slavery now is illegal in every country in today’s world it still exists, modern slavery is a...
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