Human Resources Management Roles

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Human Resource Management Roles

Paolo Pacoli

HCS 341

June 16, 2011
Jared Casper

Human Resource Management Roles When people think of the term “human resources”, it is likely they will think of the group of people in an organization that interviewed and hired them into his or her position. These people are often referring to the Human Resources department in that particular organization. But “human resources”, in its most basic form, refers to the people that work in any given organization (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2010). A Human Resources department generally provides the same services from one company to another, including recruitment and selection of potential candidates, training and development of employees, evaluating employee performance, and more. For the purpose of this assignment the focus will be the role and functions of the Human Resources department in the health care industry.
Role and Functions of Human Resources in the Health Care Industry The function of human resources in the health care industry do not differ much from those in any other industry. Some of these functions include recruitment and selection of potential candidates, training and development, performance management, and regulatory compliance.
Recruitment and Selection While it is true that selecting the most qualified candidate for any job is essential, it is especially true for the health care industry. An exemplary health care provider possesses a skill set that can be directly responsible for maintaining one’s optimal health. On the other hand, an underqualified and inexperienced health care worker can be a liability to a business, a medical staff, and most importantly, to a patient. It is vital for the Human Resources department to carefully evaluate the resumes and select the highest quality candidates to be interviewed. “The right selection will involve “considering the responsibilities involved and the specifications required for the position” (Staren,

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