Human Resources Development in Nigeria Local Government

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In this chapter, we discussed the various elements of human resources management. Also the review of some existing literature relevant to the study, is made to refer to some scholars work related to the topic under study.

It has been a general agreement that training and development is a good thing and that it increase productivity, but the question is “how much? It is even difficult to show causal link between HR development and national /organizational performance partly because pay off from development may not be seen in the short term. It is also difficult to tie-down performance improvement to the development itself and to understand the nature of the link. For example, is performance better because of increased or different HR development, because the reward package has improved or because we have a clearer set of natural, organizational and individual objectives? If there is a link with HR development initiatives, Is it that nation’s human resource i.e. employees have better skills, or that they are better motivated, or that they have been selected from a more able group of candidates/ employees attracted to the organization as it offer high level of development?

The quality of welfare and training given to the local government personnel has significant impact on their operational efficiency and behavioural integrity. Therefore, the government through the Local Government Service Commission should give serious attention to the provision of appropriate and adequate welfare and training of the Local Government personnel.

Ojofehinti (1992) stated that the subject of management of human resources in the civil service is the priority of management practitioners especially the bureaucracy. An organisation, the civil service included that does not recognise the crucial role and importance of the people within it will not achieve its objectives. He emphasized further that, human resources which is recognised as the most important of the resources required for the production of goods and services is the key to rapid socioeconomic development and efficient service delivery.

Without adequate skilled and well-motivated workforce operating within a sound human resources management programme, development is not possible. A civil service that underrates the critical role and under plays the importance of people in goal achievement can neither be effective nor efficient.

Akintayo and Babajide (2005),reported that human resources development programmes had been found to have capable of influencing: high turnover of profit, improved quality of service, better use of human resources, increased safety on the job (reduced number of accidents), increased staff motivation, less resistance to change, less cost due to human error, more efficiency and productivity.

According to Frank (1974), Human Resources management is a series of activities in which the job, individual and the organization all interact as each develops and changes. He further identifies two major activities within the Human Resources area. The first is concerned with the recruitment, selection, placement, compensation and appraisal of the human resources. This group of functions is usually referred to as personnel or human resource utilization. The other group of functions is those directed towards working human resources in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Activities are designed to enable the existing members of the organisation to assume new roles and functions. These activities are concerned with human resources development.

Cunning (1980) in the theory and practice of personnel management is concerned with obtaining the best possible staff for an organisation and having get them, look after them so that they can stay and put in their best to their jobs. Flippo (1983), on...
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