Bus303: Human Resources Management Final Paper

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Final Reflection Paper: Human Resources and its Functions
Joshua Barrows
BUS303: Human Resources Management
Samantha Duhn
Monday April 22, 2013

The primary function of human resources management is to increase the effectiveness and the contribution of employees, which are in alignment with the organizations goals and objectives. With in human resources management, there are many components or pieces of the puzzle that allow human resources management to exist. Such pieces of the puzzle include, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, human resources planning, recruitment, selection, development, compensation, benefits, safety, health and benefits. Each of which will be discussed. In human resource management, organizations focus a lot of time and resources finding the right candidate that would occupy the position. Employers are looking for an employee who can manage to fulfill the organizations vision. In this case, once an employee is selected for the position, human resource mangers with in organizations focus on training employees to complete the job efficiently. In addition, employers also allocate funding to the recruiting employees who qualify for the position. Human resources management also may be able to provide organizations with the competitiveness they need to be effective in the job market. Functions such as employment, opportunity, affirmative action, human resources planning, and recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, safety, health, and employee labor relations all play together to perform that primary function. They are all important, but some areas have more important than the others, in which shapes the characteristic of employee behaviors with in organizations. Human resource management wants to also make sure that the employees that are being hired in the process are in alignment with the organizations mission and vision. As an employee seeking a new job, many factors come into mind when I think of finding the right organization to work for. First and far most, ensuring that the organization is in the best interest of me an my goals are important, more importantly, making sure I have an equal opportunity to move up in the organization is important. Factors include sex, religion, race, color, national origin, hiring, promoting, firing, and setting wages. It is important to understand how employers operate so that you can have a clear understanding on what you are required of you in order to advance. According to our reading, affirmative action policies “require employers to show initiative in recruiting a diverse pool of applicants for their job openings.” (Youssef, C. 2012) This means that, employers must hire individuals in their organization, no matter how old, what race, or what physical condition they are in. There are many people who may try to argue and say, that they have a lot of experience, no sign of education under their belt, and argue that they are being discriminated against when a younger applicant with a degree gets the position and they don’t. However, I now understand that such applicants had an opportunity to complete their education, but chose another path.

Human resource management consists of many other factors that help them prepare to hire an employee to fill the position. The other factors include planning, recruitment, and selection. Before understanding these concepts, one would guess that employers just go out and hire anyone just to occupy a position. In the planning stage, employers look for a certain number of employees to fill a position. It really depends on the size of the company and how much you are looking to grow. So the number of employees varies based off of the organizations future activities and operations. Which brings focused efforts to recruitment with in an organization, making sure that employers recruit qualified employees is essential for the competitive focus in an organization. Human...

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