Human Resource Strategies

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Gender Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: June 14, 2014
Strategies in Human Resource Management

External influences are constantly changing, therefore human resource managers must ensure that they are able to adapt and provide sustainable approaches in order to have a successful business. Businesses which adapt to the influences and changes productively and efficiently will achieve effective outcomes. One of these major influences is socially subjective. Social influences affect the needs, values and standards of employees and society itself. However, in many cases, these expectations are not met and create disruptions and disputes in workplaces. Factors which many result in the issues include; gender inequality, career flexibility and women in the workplace; along with many others. In order to resolve these persistent issues, human resource management must implement strategies to withdraw from these external influences. Strategies that HRM may consider include; Training and development programs, recruitment, rewards management and job design.

As the need for both parents to work has been a significant social change over the past few decades, there has been large increase of women in the workforce and the need for workplaces to be more flexible to enable their employees to manage both family and work responsibilities. Awareness of the career flexibility issues were raised in the article “Flexibility in the workplace key to retaining top talent”, stating that more flexibility is needed, for women especially, to be able to balance their lives between work and at home to allow any private or family and work commitments to be completed. Human resource management is crucial to set out a flexible work structure in the business that will allow women to manage their duties, both at home and at work. This strategy is found in the method of job design, under flexible work structure. With this strategy, employees are offered with flexible options, for instance, casual or part-time work, job sharing, flexible working...
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