Overview of HR Strategies

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Management Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: November 23, 2014

1. Evaluate how effective Celeritas is as a company. What problems do you see at Celeritas? When the company was founded in 2003, it was effective and competitive in the market. At the beginning, the 3 founders had a clear vision towards Cloud technology, and after the two founders left, the company gained growth and the market changed, while the company was still providing the Cloud technology. So the company, under the leadership of Boyer is not effective at present, because of the following reasons: Lack of leadership skills among the top management: For example, during the VPs’ meeting, one staff commented, “Boyer is not a leader, but the others are just as bad.” This challenge was obvious in the decision making process and the lack of strategy in the company. Boyer’s attempts to fix the organizational wrangles among all the divisions were not reciprocated by the other leaders. No executive had the company’s vision for excellence except Boyer. The leaders did not have a clear path, specific goals nor priorities (no short term objectives), which would steer Celeritas Inc. towards efficiency. Harper stated that each of the Vice Presidents was required to have his/her own idea on how Celeritas should operate and the direction it should take so as to perform efficiently in the future. However, the leaders’ main challenge was that some of their ideas were conflicting, thus, the leaders ended up working at odds with each other. Additionally, there were communication problems, which led to conflicts among the departments. The team members and employees had no mutual trust among themselves, which affected the coordination of operations. There was also lack of transparency and consistency in decision making which resulted in distrust. For example Boyer had one-on-one meetings with the VP’s, but ended up making decisions on his own. However, if any of the VPs objected, Boyer would reverse the decision, which affected his credibility as a leader. There was no...
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