Developing yourself as an effective HR

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Developing yourself as an effective HR/L&D practitioner.
Assignment 1
My current role is that of Expertise Trainer for Pets At Home. This mainly entails the roll out of 6 subject courses to our colleagues along with writing and updating the information we deliver. I also have a large involvement with the electronic learning system, and I work with both manufacturers and different departments within the business to ensure our colleagues have access to up to date product training.

To be effective in my role there are certain behaviours I need to possess and display, which are highlighted within the CIPD Profession Map.

Being a decisive thinker allows me to understand and analyse information quickly. This means I can assess information regarding products, policies and procedures and can tailor the training material to suit our colleagues’ needs. A curious mind will enable me to question the information, delve deeper into the subject matter and gain a better knowledge base. Being involved with the product launches and writing of the courses means I research the subjects closely which in turn makes me personally credible as my knowledge and understanding is improved.

I am driven to deliver, whether that is to meet and beat targets set to me, or to ensure anyone that I work with has their expectations met, if not exceeded. The people that I work with range from store colleague to department heads, directors and external parties such as suppliers, vets and animal welfare groups, meaning that I fulfil the collaborative behaviour.

I understand that the work I do is very fluid and constantly changing – as are training methods. Having the courage to challenge and being a skilled influencer means I can bring my ideas to the company and play a part in moving it forward, keeping it current and up to date – or even innovative on a good day! I think having and using these behaviours makes me a good role model, leading by example.

Insights, Strategy...

Bibliography: Beevers K and Rea A, 2013. Learning and development practice. 2nd edition. London. Chartered Institiute of Personnel and Development
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