Human Resource Management Roles

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Human Resource Management Roles
Krystal Perez
HCS 341/Human Resources in Health Care
January 28, 2013
Tamara Hancock

Human Resource Management Roles With the many challenges faced in the health care industry, the role of a human resource manager requires many responsibilities with the main goal of providing exceptional service to their customers. Successful human resource managers do this by ensuring their organization is being efficient and effective. They work closely with all their employees in order to keep a close eye at the results of their work (Clark 2011). They understand the delivery of health care in all departments of their organization and evaluate the employees’ work performances. The role of a human resource manager requires planning and organizing in order to meet the goals of the organization.
These two elements are important for a manager to obtain but planning is the most important function for a human resource manager. Planning specifies what actions need to be taken on a daily basis as well as for during stressful situations. Human resource managers are in charge of making and meeting goals. They must share with their team the organization’s goals and what necessary steps are needed in order to meet these goals. Planning allows for management to see what areas are in need for improvement. Planning also allows for managers to set priorities and determine performance targets (Jones & Bartlett).
Organizational skills are required in order to provide the staff with what duties need to be performed as well as provide proper training to the team. Organization allows for the staff to know the goals and how these goals will be reached. If certain goals are not being reached, it is up to the manager to step in implement a different approach in order to accomplish them. Because of the different kinds of situations that occur in the health field, human resource managers must be prepared for anything. When a manager is prepared with a

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