Function of Human Resource Management

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Function of Human Resource Management: The main function of human resource management is classified into two types: (a) Managerial Function; (b) Operative Function. (a)Managerial Function: Following are the managerial function : (1)Planning: The planning function of HRM dept. pertains to the steps taken in determining in advance personnel requirements, personnel programmes, policies etc. (2)Organization: Under organization, the human resource manager has to organize the operative functions by designing structure of relationship among jobs, personnel and physical factors in such a way so as to have maximum contribution towards organizational objectives. (3)Directing: Directing is concerned with initiation of organized action and stimulating the people to work. The personnel manager directs the activities of people of the organization to get its function performed properly.(4)Controlling: It provides basic data for establishing standards, makes job analysis and performance appraisal, etc.All these techniques assist in effective control of the qualities, time and efforts of workers.(B)Operative Function: The following are the operative function of(1)Procurement 0f Personnel: It is concerned with the obtaining of the proper kind and number of personnel necessary to accomplish organization goals. It deals specifically with such subjects as the determination of manpower requirements, their recruitment, selecting, placement and orientation, etc. (2)Development of Personnel: Development has to do with the increase through training, skill that is necessary for proper job performance. In this process various techniques of training are used to develop the employees. (3)Compensation to Personnel: Compensation means determination of adequate and equitable remuneration of personnel for their contribution to organization objectives. To determine the monetary compensation for various jobs is one of the most difficult and important function of the personnel management....
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