Human Resource Management And Implementing Changes

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Human Resource Management
And Implementing Changes
MAN 2300l
By: Crystal McGuire
November 28th, 2014

There are certain competencies that a Human Resources Manager must possess. There are also quite a few job duties that a HRM’S must do. This involves everything from implementing changes, to hiring and firing of employees. The biggest thing that happens once the employees are hired is change comes. There are proactive and reactive changes depending on what type of change it is. There are three competencies that Human Resources Managers require; Business mastery, HR mastery, and Personal credibility. Having business mastery means having the ability to understand the organizations customers and economic and financial capabilities to the firm achieve its strategic directions and to be able to adjust it accordingly or as needed. There are also great assets to have such as, if the HR manager has good problem-solving skills and innovative and creative skills to help the firm in other ways. When it comes to HR mastery, HR professionals are the organization’s behavioral science experts. This means that “they should develop expert knowledge in the areas of staffing, development, appraisals, rewards, team building, performance easement, and communications. Also good interpersonal skills are essential.”(Snell, Bohlander 2013) Personal credibility is making sure that you build your credibility in the eyes of not only those internally, but also externally of the firm. You want to make sure that you are developing good relationships with, again, both people internally and externally. This means “demonstrating the values of the firm, standing up for one’s own beliefs, and dealing with all parties equitably.

HRM’s are responsible for so many things within a company. Changing things within the company to better the company is one of many. For instance, if you hold your employees responsible for the attendance in by using an attendance point system,...

References: Snell, Bohlander. (2013). Managing human resources. (16 ed., pp. 8, 31-32). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.
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