Learning to Walk in the Customer's Shoes

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Customer service Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: September 3, 2010

Learning to Walk in the Customer’s Shoes
Christina Guzman
Kaplan University
MT203: Human Resources Management
LaDonna Holley, MSA PHR
August 2, 2010

Learning to Walk in the Customer’s Shoes
There’s an old saying in business: “The customer is always right.” Through proper planning, training and evaluation, businesses have the opportunity to focus their efforts on this concept. Unfortunately, sometimes this focus becomes a bit clouded. In this case, there has to be strategic planning in order to find solutions to the problem and to make sure that customer satisfaction is number one. This case study presents information on a Customer Loyalty Boot Camp Program— the customer relationship developed by the managerial staff of Texas Instruments (TI). The boot camp presented is a series of simulations allowing TI managers to experience what it is like to be a TI customer. Elements which make up the program include: a discussion on how the program operates, and the impact of the combination of simulation and videos of actual dissatisfied customers to TI employees. The following analysis describes: how BTS USA was able to help the high-tech giant, Texas Instruments, regain its focus on its customers; why training the executives first achieved quicker results; and where to look for information to calculate the program’s ROI.

Review/Analysis of the Case
In 2002, Texas Instruments’ (TI) marketing and sales strategies had been product-centric. Due to increasing financial pressures and reports of customer frustration, the semiconductor company sought to implement new initiatives to attract and retain customers. TI called on BTS USA to design a program that would “shock” TI managers into developing a more customer-conscientious mind-set resulting in a spur in sales. BTS created the Customer Loyalty Boot Camp program, a series of simulations that would allow TI managers to fully experience...

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