Human Resource Can Be an Instrumental in Helping a Company to Create Competitive Advantages.

Topics: Productive forces, Production and manufacturing, Resource allocation Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Subject: Human resource can be an instrumental in helping a company to create competitive advantages.

Ans: If we want to proof human resource as an instrument for gaining competitive advantages in a company we should focus on two things, one is competitive advantage and another is human resource management process.

We know if any side of a company is more efficient than other companies in between a same industry is called competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is something that means, to achieve the goals how my internal resources support me. Competitive advantage is related to internal resources of an organization.

On the other side we know human resource is the most important and most effective resource for any organization. Human resource is something that has no alternative for achieving the organizational goals. By using this tool one organization can gain it’s goals and increase its market shares. It is proved that human resource is the most effective tool to achieve company’s internal goals.

The preconditions for achieving competitive advantage are many but low cost and high productivity are the most important for gaining competitive advantages. If a company has a efficient work force or human resource that is technologically advanced and flexible it’s may be possible for that company to gain more competitive advantages into the respective industry. By formulating and executing the work force of a company it can achieve its goals and it can also increase its productivity. More productive the company more advantages in the market. Productive company can fulfill the demand of a market. By fulfilling the demand its product becomes popular. Sales increased rapidly. Thus a company or a line of a company can achieve competitive advantages by using its human resource effectively.
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