Human Communication

Topics: Leadership, Problem solving, Ethnic group Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: September 22, 2006
Communication involves displaying good oral, written, and listening skills for individuals and groups. In face-to-face communication, even in the simplest conversation, there is a great deal going on that has almost nothing to do with the words being used.

Human Communications
Communication is the key to success in everything we do, it can verbal or nonverbal. Communication is very important in small groups; it forms the group, and maintains them. In my workplace the staff is consisted of nine personnel, so effective communication is important. Our staff would be considered an assigned group simply because the Department of the Army hand picked each individual and assigned them to the university. In addition, within our assigned group, there is a task-oriented group, which performs certain tasks that assign to the group to complete. In chapter, nine assigned groups evolve out of a hierarchy where individuals are appointed as members of the group. In addition, task-oriented groups are formed for the purpose of completing tasks such as solving a problem or making a decision. ( Pearson, Nelson, Titsworth, and Harter, 2003). The three shops (training) are faced with making a decision everyday. The three shops decide on what training the cadets are to train o, and what classes the instructors are going to teach. The way that works is that cadet command publish list of guidelines for the three shops to follow. Once we get those and the blanket list of classes that is available for the instructors to teach, we pick the essential classes that the cadets need to be successful at advance camp. The training that we conduct is mostly hands on training and field craft. In every group, a leader possesses all the leadership traits that one needs to be an effective leader. Leadership in the military is defined as the process of influencing other to accomplish a mission by providing a purpose, direction, and motivation. Chapter 9 defines leadership as a process...

References: Pearson, Nelson, Titsworth, & Harter. (2003). Human Communication.
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