Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Language Pages: 4 (2044 words) Published: December 8, 2014
During the past week I have been keeping a log book of past conversations I have had to study, on the effectiveness of the communication, and also the formality and informality. I have been having a lot of conversations with friends, mainly about where to go for dinner or break. We had a conversation at break time in the upstairs refectory, the people involved in this conversation was me, Rebecca, Ben, Heather, Anthony, Conner, Bella and Kerry. We were discussing whether to go to McDonalds, KFC or to stay in. Kerry suggested McDonalds but Rebecca suggested KFC, in the end we ended up going to McDonalds. All of us involved used a lot of different body language but we were all mainly relaxed we were using a lot of eye contact. I have noticed that we all use a lot of hand gestures when speaking to each other. I think we use hand gestures towards each other to express more feelings towards the conversation and to try and put across our point in a more specific way, hand gestures do add more intensity to a conversation depending on the type of conversation and the hand gestures involved. When using hand gestures your point is getting put across in a quicker way than if you had a conversation without, an example is if you are walking out of a room and you are expecting people to follow, they may not be able to hear what you are saying but if you wave they can see you and will follow. I do think our communication skills towards each other have been effective so far as we are always able to understand and respond to each other fairly quickly and get along with each other very well. I think the main reason it was effective is because of our body language because we are quite open and relaxed around one another. Sometimes our communication skills are not effective because when one person is speaking another will speak over them and try to get there point across at the same time, this results in the communication being ineffective because we are only getting bits of each...
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