Topics: The Residents, Confidentiality, Communication Pages: 7 (908 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Unit CU1515 Introduction to Communication in Health and Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Setting- Question and Answer Session

Name of Candidate: ASHANI DISSANAYAKALAGE.....................................................

|Learning outcomes |Assessment criteria 1.1 | | |Question: Describe 8 reasons why residents communicate to you | |Understand why communication is important in the|Answer: | |work setting |They need to talk to someone so they would not feel alone. | | |They may want a help such as go to toilet. | | |They want pass information. | | |They may be in pain, and then they can have some medicine. | | |For socialization. | | |When they want a drink or food. | | |To express their feelings like happiness, sadness or anger. | | |They may want to know about something like a TV programme. | |Learning outcomes |Assessment criteria 1.2 | | |Question: How does effective communication affect aspects of your own work practice | |Understand why communication is important in the|Answer: | |work setting |in our care home we have residents, staff (cares, | | |management,domestic,kitchen,maintenance)and visitors.if there is any changers of the | | |resident we all should know that as a team. If we communicate properly we can provide a | | |quality care for the residents. Let say one resident said to me that she cannot swallow | | |properly. So I must make sure pass this massage to the relevant people such as senior, | | |cares, kitchen staff then only we can provide the quality care for that resident. If did | | |not pass that information to others it will affect to the resident think that’s how | | |effective communication affect to our care home. According to that we can update care plan | | |and can get the medical solution for that. | |Learning outcomes |Assessment criteria 1.3 | | |Question: Why must you observe residents reactions when communicating to them. What points | | |would you be observing- verbal and non verbal and the reasons that these may mean | |Understand why communication is...
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