Hugher Art design studies summary

Topics: Textile, Elvis Presley, Piano Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: September 30, 2013
Design Studies Summary
The historical textile I have chosen to write about, “Keyboard” was designed by Henry Spence Moore , an English designer, and sculptor. He is best known for his semi-abstract, monumental ,bronze sculptures located around the world. “ Keyboard” is furnishing fabric made of printed wool. The ergonomics of this textile are hard to observe without physically touching the fabric but it looks rough. I do not think you would want your sofa to be made of it. The aesthetics of ‘Keyboard” are quite dull. No bright colours are used so your eyes are not initially attracted to this textile. But the print is quite abstract so when you look close enough it intruiges you because you want to work out what the pictures on the design are. It is a musical themed textile as you can tell by the name. There are long lines of piano keys dividing the print into separate parts. In one row there are pictures which appear to be a saxophone, a tambourine ,and a person who is possibly a singer or conductor. The other row contains a pair of hands which is the clearest picture on the print, but the other pictures in that row are really hard to work out. Maybe one is a musical triangle, but the other pictures look like leaves. The colour choice is very neutral- brown, beige, cream, and light pink- so this textile wouldn’t be too harsh for a room even with the odd pictures on it. The function of this textile is to be used on furnature. This is quite a safe material to use for furnature as wool is not as flammable as some natural fibres suckh as cotton. It shouldn’t be too expensive as wool is not an expensive material. The target market for this textile would be musical people. The contemporary textile I have chosen to write about, “ Red or Dead Elvis” was designed by Gary Page,……………….. “Red or Dead Elvis” is a dress fabric made from screen printed cotton jersey. From what I can tell the ergonomics seem to be quite good. It is a smooth material as its cotton and...
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