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Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Egyptian language Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Tomb Chapel of Raemkai

The chapel of Raemkai was originally built and decorated for an official named Neferiretnes, traces of whose name and titles can still be made out on the false door. The reuse of the tomb for Raemkai was not probably by royal decree and took place before the reign of Isesi (circa 2381BC). The fine relief decorating the tomb includes a large scene of the hunt in the steppes with lasso and dogs. In one scene an ibex is lassoed, in another, dogs attack a hyena and a Dorcas gazelle while a man leaning on his staff looks on and a hare and a reclining gazelle may be seen in the background.

This tomb chapel was originally dedicated to the official Neferiretenes, and only later adapted for Raemkai. Changes are most extensive on the False Door. Traces of erased original text are still recognizable on the lower lintel, enabling Egyptologists to decipher the titles "senior overseer of documents, royal property master, Neferiretenes." Fragments of additional titles are preserved above the inner lower left figure: "priest of King …'s pyramid…, priest of King …'s pyramid …," and "under-superintendent of priests of Re in every place of his." A longer list above the outer lower figures reads: "senior district administrator of preeminent rank, personal document scribe of the king, senior overseer of documents, senior document inspector, Neferiretenes." Raemkai's name and titles have been inserted at the left end of the upper lintel, above the two upper figures and above the right lower inner figure.

When the tomb of Nefertiretenes was adapted for Raemkai's use, only a few changes were made to the reliefs. The most important concerned the upper standing figures of the tomb owner on the False Door. Originally, both of these were noticeably obese, and their kilts were of calf-length. During the Old Kingdom it was the custom to include among the mostly idealizing images of a tomb owner at least one representation showing him as a mature...
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