Hubspot Case Analisys

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Hubspot Case Analisys


HubSpot is a new company founded in 2006 by visionaries’ entrepreneurs. They sell not only a service product which provides technological tools and offers business solutions; they also sale a system a new concept of how to do business. Any business needs from marketing along with communication strategies to have certain contact with people that eventually become potential customers. Contacts promote sales. Traditionally marketing was employed through traditional communication techniques such as: Tele marketing, Direct Mail, Person-to-Person through salesmen and so forth. These traditional ways of do marketing are called Outbound Marketing.

Hubspot emerge from a total opposite concept, which is called Inbound Marketing. This is a new philosophy that instead of push for gain exposure through traditional channels to potential customers, firm expects to be founded by them. At the very beginning Hubspot has experimented millionaire revenues and success. They had a diverse portfolio of clients from different industries, sizes and objectives (B2B and B2C). Now, they know business is functional and successful, but they are also facing a new challenge. Customer lists have grown but in order to grow at a fast pace they need to choose in which type of clients they’re going to focus to achieve their goal.


A strength, advantage or opportunity of Hubspot is the use of Web 2.0 as main marketing and business tools. It has become obvious that the Internet is one of the greatest communication mediums in the world. Through Internet business can reach millions of customers in just seconds through the entire world. Messages as products or services are available 7 days of the week 24 hr a day. Imagine having a presence literally all the time, to operate a business all the time, with a fraction of the money that costs traditional businesses operations. This is how far Internet can get… infinite.

Even when technology is at our service there always a market segment that keeps skeptical to adopt newest ideas. Skepticism is commonly associated with people very conservative and elder. While Web 2.0 has become a popular term these some advantages are there are also those who feel that this technology will do more harm than good. This is always a constraint to any organization, to not cope market.

Another point to think is that after all the efforts employed to be found and accepted by a public, it can be harmful for a company to sacrifice or close the door to prospects. This is what Hubspot could do against themselves, if they decide for only a type of clients instead of open themselves to all business opportunities.

Another problem or weakness is the lack of capability to satisfy all the demand. Since their portfolio is very varied they need to analyze and consequently choose the best option to the business financial health. The Statistics facts presented do not represent a solid argument to justify either decision. This is mainly because of the length of time periods of operations. They’re forcing themselves to make a decision between sell to “Ollies or Marys” and B2B or B2C clients. Even though is recommended to sale to everyone the cleverest opportunity based on the experience points out that there should consider other alternatives. A good compromise would be a portfolio concentrated in Mary’s and B2B customers.

Personally, I believe the Internet surpasses any other communication channel ever made with its powerful ways of diversify business strategies and communication. Web 2.0 along with Inbound Marketing concepts will make any company more personalized. Everyone has different needs, and Web 2.0 will allow each individual to have information that is tailored to their needs and interests. This represents an advantageous opportunity.

A threat to any service provider is how to maintain the customer satisfied or how to be constantly improving their...
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