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es. Although we typically share similar goals, some marketers are stuck on lead generation , while others are having trouble converting leads into customers, and some just aren’t generating the traffic to their site they need in the first place.

Not to mention all the individual parts of a solid marketing strategy where you might be falling short -- maybe it’s content creation, search engine optimization, or finally figuring out how to actually attract customers from Facebook .

Whatever it is, there’s always at least one area that any marketer can stand to improve. And hey -- that’s great! Why? Well, it means there’s always room to optimize the various components of your strategy and turn your marketing into an even more effective revenue generator. So ... What's Your Biggest Marketing Opportunity?

To help you figure out where your greatest potential for improvement lies, HubSpot has created a super quick 3-question quiz called “What’s Your Biggest Marketing Opportunity?” Just answer a few simple questions, and we’ll tell you exactly where you should focus your efforts to make your marketing more effective. We’ll even provide you with a customized marketing plan based on your results , to help you get started!

Curious about what kinds of obstacles other marketers are up against? We took a look at the responses we capture from HubSpot's own lead-capture forms -- where we give marketers the option of identifying their biggest marketing challenge -- and analyzed their results. Here are some of the most common challenges marketers have told us they face ... and their solutions. 5 Top Challenges Marketers Face

1) Generating Awareness and Driving Traffic

Why It's a Challenge: Before you can start generating leads for your sales team to convert into customers, you have to actually get the attention of your audience and get people interested in your business, product, or service. Many marketers face the challenge of not having a large enough volume of...
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