Mkt 421 Marketing Paper

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Marketing is the strategic planning a company or entrepreneur does before launching a product to the public. Many consumers when hearing the word marketing confuse it with advertising which is a part of marketing a product but only a small part of the process and usually the results of research and product development. Marketing is the development of a concept not the advertising of that concept. The strategic plan behind a good marketing program consists of sales, public relations, pricing, packaging, and distribution. Ideas need to be developed into a concept and those concept then needs to be made into a product. Marketing is then taking that product and convincing consumers that they need or want it as part of their life or lifestyle. Marketing Definitions

Marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs. Marketing is about meeting needs profitability. Marketing management is considered to some as an art and science of choosing target markets and getting, maintain, and increasing customers thorough creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value (Kotler & Keller, 2009). Marketing can also be the act of buying and selling in a market or the commercial functions involved in transferring goods from the producer to the consumer. Marketing are the activities that direct a flow of goods and services from the manufacturer to the customers or consumers (, 2010). Importance of Marketing

Now days if an organization or just a simple home business is looking for financial success it will most likely all depend on their marketing ability. No business will really work if what they are marketing doesn’t have the demand needed for product and services in order for the business to make their profits. This alone lets business owners know that marketing is a vital component to the future of any business. Good marketing is all about knowing your consumers...
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