Hu Jintao

Topics: Animal Farm, Hu Jintao, Communist Party of China Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: December 9, 2013

Hu Jintao
Since the beginning of civilization dictators have taken over and ruled there people. While some dictators are cruel and ruthless, others desire happiness of their people. Some acquire their power by force, while others go through the process fairly. Once in power it is important to keep ones people in control through laws and policies. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, one can compare the rise to fame, rules and policies, and cruelties and atrocities of Napoleon to that of the dictator Hu Jintao.

One thing that sets Jintao apart from Napoleon is that somewhat low key way he rose to power. Hu Jintao began his political career at the bottom of the ladder and eventually climbed his way to the top ( 2003). In 1982 Jintao was named party secretary of Guizhou Province by Hu Yaobank, a communist party officer. Once receiving this position he worked his way up to the title of president of china in 2003. Opposite of Jintao, Napoleon rose to power by force and cruel act (Orwell). Napoleon immediately named himself the leader of Animal Farm after old major died. When feeling threatened by his co-leader Snowball, he has him chased off the farm by his guard dogs. Similar to the contrast of the rises to power, their actions as dictators also contrast greatly.

While Napoleon is a leader of force and absolute control, Jintao is more about prosperity of China. Jintao had “shown that he can work effectively with others both those above and below his rank and with those of different governments” ( 2004). Hu Jintao has tried successfully to rule china and its people to a state of prosperity. He has transformed the policies of China to support this goal, while closely sheltering his people from the outside world. As Hu Jintao continued to lead China to prosperity napoleon inadvertently led the animals to destruction (Orwell). As leader, Napoleon made the animals inferior by creating laws that gave the pigs more rights. He changed many of the...
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