Hrm Devolving to Line Manager

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People management also known as Human resource management is where an organization is required to supervise and take care of the welfare of their important asset which is their staffs. This is an arduous task for any organization, because people management for an organization requires them to motivate, train and inspire employees to perform better, besides that hrm function include recruitment, planning , training and performance appraisal, (Mcpheat, 2013).In today’s world, with the innovation of technology in where new technology pops out every year which requires hr to be updated with the new trend, and in terms of globalization importing skilled labor, has become an obstacle for Hrm to carry out its function, with that said line management could be essential in supporting the hr department in carrying out the most crucial step in hr which is human resource planning in where there is evaluation of current human resources, which to make sure they are performing well without any problems, secondly by forecasting future goals and to create a system to achieve their goals.

Recruitment is a process in which organization attracts screens and selects candidates which has potential to fill the vacancy in an organization, usually this process is conducted by hr managers because they are familiar with the process and have good knowledge in labor law. (Bondias, 2012), but because line managers deal with staffs personally line managers could assist in hr managers to hire suitable recruits who can perform effectively. First step in recruitment is Job Analysis, in where specification needed for the job are posted, with the input of line managers job specification can be precise and candidates that don’t meet the requirement can be cut off from the recruitments process, this saves time which can be spent on eligible candidates. Furthermore when candidates undergo screening, line managers can set up interviews depending on what the job scope is, interviews can be separated...

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