Issues Facing Hr Specialists

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Academic degree Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: November 2, 2010
The issus facing line managers and HR specialists was and will be appearing with the development in the HRM and as long as the HR practices and its processes are developed to coop with the business development and with the introduction and the vast development of HRIS there will be always obstacles and problems in the way, Managers and HR specialists must treate with caution and control. Line managers have some important responsibilities for HRM with furthur reduce the influence of HR specialists.if line managers will implement HR practices, then it suppose that HR specialists are the ones who design the policies and procedures governing the work. HR specialists are seen by line managers as only concerned by the laws and procedures, applying principles and ignoring the corporate and business issues and its customer needs. Another criticism to HR managers, that they are slow to react to situations rather than an immediate response. Nowadays, managers work is integrated with some HR roles as a result of the changing structure of workflow and organization, also for effective HR best-fit practices of saving cost and effort, these procedures also increase productivity and efficiency of the organization internal and external performance . One of the important issues facing the HR specialistsis when working on a new Hr project for the sake of the development of organisational practices or procedures. But line managers sees it like a burden on their chest, in other words, as waste of time, or he and his stuff dont have time or effort to perform. HR specialists is also considered as a low rank employee, that in most cases needs the support of his line manager, therefore, the social and cultural beliefs of both should be in harmony, as a result of high psycological contract level, in effect, there would be high commitment from emplyees to organizational objectives in its mission. Based on a survey made by the CIPD showed that postions of HR manager in most organizations...
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