The Devolution of Hr to the Line: Implications for Perceptions of People Management Effectiveness

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The devolution of HR to the line: Implications for perceptions of people management effectiveness

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This Article is about the trend of devolution of Human Resource responsibilities from the human resources managers to the line manager such as the immediate manager or even the supervisor. Researches have been done and the conclusion suggest that there are positives as well as negatives consequences of devolution. A survey done on the US human resource manager to determine if the devolution of HR to the line manager was effective to the organization showed that it have a positive effect on the organization provided that there are communication between the Human resource manager and the line manager. For some company that do not practice devolution of Human resource to the line manager but instead providing the line manager with training and support or knowledge of human resource management has a even positive effectiveness in organization than those who have devolved.


There are more pros than cons in an organization which devolved Human resource to the line manager. I fully agree with the devolution as today every manager is on the front line of people management they are the one who is seeing the performance of the worker and whether the employee can make the mark relies on the line manger instead of the HR manager who might not be able to justify how well or bad an employee is.

There are many positives aspect of devolution of Human Resource to Line manager. Line manager are equip with power of HR and they are able to make faster decision like whether to hire a newcomer or to sack an employee who hasn’t been doing his work well. All these will enable the line manager to take up new challenges and create a more responsible line manager who can improve efficiency of employees and therefore better people management

But of cause if the line manager is not well verse with human resource management skill or not been...
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