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The aim of this report is to present overview of the methodology used gather my data and to produce a management report on my findings of the “Best practice/ High commitment” model of HRM. In this report I choose the Young’s Pub “The Waterfront” which is located in the Wandsworth. I choose this pub, because I am working there and I have good relationship with all staff so I can avoid any conflict about questions and it gives me opportunity to involve all “The Waterfront” staff.

Methodology section
In this management report I used different kind of methodologies such as primary and secondary research. In primary research I used short interview with General Manager and Questioner with other employees. I made a choice to interview only General Manager, because through short discussion about all seven components of “Best Practice/ High Commitment” model, I got the answers what I needed. Moreover General Manager had freedom to withdraw so that way I have got more information. Once per week “The Waterfront” have staff meeting where they are discussing future plans, mistakes, staff satisfaction and other important things. So General Manager allowed me to do questioner after staff meeting. I did try to ask specific and general questions about each of one of the seven HR practices. To maximize number of finished questioner papers, I ask to hand in questions straight after finishing. After I got all answers I group them in to four groups: kitchen staff, floor staff, bar staff and General Manager. For secondary research I used old Young’s handbook which I got in my first working day in the Young’s pub. There are all basic rules and Goals of Young’s company. This handbook gave me couple answer on my questions. Other way how I was searching my answers is through the Internet. I went to “The Waterfront” website and tried to find all useful information about seven components of “Best practice/ High commitment” model.

I found only six Components of “Best practice/ High commitment” model which are applying to the research topic. These are Employment security; Extensive training, learning and development; Selective hiring; self - management teams/ team working; High compensation linked to performance: Employee involment. I found that in the some causing problems situations the manager see solution differently than his staff. Also that is one of reasons why two of the practices are not working so well. On the other hand company do not need to use all of them. “Basically, the idea is that a particular bundle of HR practices has the potential to contribute improved employee attitudes and behaviours, lower levels of absenteeism and labour turnover, and higher levels of productivity, quality and customer service.” (Marchington & Wilkison, 2005, p71) ) In this “The Waterfront” case they use wrong bundle of practices, because if I look on the answers I can see that rewards are very important part of job for employees, which is one of practices which is not going on well. Staff in the pub does not feel rewarded, but on the other hand Manager thinks he is rewarding and giving them good benefits. What I find out from interviews that managers and staff view does not really match. Staffs want to be rewarded after hard day, but they are not and it seems one of the most important rewards for staff to be appreciated after busy day. “.. there are some benefits, but they do not motivate me to work always harder and better. You do not get any reward after really busy day.. ”(Floor staff) Other practice which should be in the bundle is the Employee involvement, but it also seems not working good. Reason is that the employees are not involved in all the decisions and are not always informed what is going on in the pub. Some times employees even don’t know which day they are working till that day comes. I mean Management didn’t do their work properly and in a right time period.

From findings I can say that...

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