Hrm as a Strategic Partner

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Man 2145
Assignment 01
Topic -Critically discuss the importance of HR Management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to becoming more strategic contributor. In addition examine the current role of HR function. Due date- 24th April 2010

Name- Suntharamurthy Vishakan
Student ID- SUVID91

Table of contents

1. Introduction3
2. Discussion4
2.1 Personnel management4
2.1.1 Functions of Personal management4

2.2 Transform of personnel management to Human resource Management6 2.2.1 Change in competitive environment7
2.2.2 Cultural differences7
2.2.3 Embracing new technology8
2.2.4 Flexibility and Diversity8
2.2.5 Controlling costs 9
2.2.6 Global economy9
2.2.7 The strategic significance10

3.3 Current Role of HRM11
2.3.1Functions of SHRM12

3.4 HR as strategic partner13
2.4.1 Strategic Business Plan13
2.4.2 Strategy Development and Implementation14
2.4.3 What are required of HR as Strategic Partner?14
2.4.4 Continuous Improvement15
2.4.5 SHRM and Competitive advantage15
2.4.6 Some Real world examples of Successful firms using SHRM 16

2 Conclusion17
3 References18

1. Introduction

Purpose of this report is to critically discuss the importance of HR Management to transform from personnel management to becoming more strategic contributor and examine the current role HR function. Personnel management is Personnel Management is the phase of management, which deals with the effective control, and use of manpower as distinguished from other sources of power. HRM is a strategically-driven process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees, and maintaining good labor relations, health and safety. HRM directly addresses the business related issues or functions. Strategy is normally a long term plan that shows the path to achieve the stated goals and objectives. HRM is the key to ensure the existence of the organization in this challenging business world. HRM is a separate department which manages the entire work force of an organization. This report has completed based on the SHRM practices and factors influenced personnel management to transform towards a Strategic partner. Real world examples are been used to illustrate the importance of SHRM as a strategic partner. Maximum information is used to complete these tasks. Internet, HRM reports, journals, Books, and newspapers are the sources of information used in the project.

2. Discussion
2.1 Personnel management
The word Personnel Management is popular with different names such as Labor management, Staff management, and Industrial management and in modern times as Human Resources Management Personnel management was focused on employment contracts, disciplinary issues and compensation. Personnel management can include administrative tasks that are both traditional and routine. It can be described as reactive, providing a response to demands and concerns as they are presented. Personnel management is often considered an independent function of an organization. (Page West & Bernhadrdt, 2009) * The welfare aspect - This is concerned with the working conditions and basic enmities such as housing, schooling, hospitality, sanitary, canteen, crèches, handling personnel problems and the recreational facilities. * The labor or personnel aspect - This is concerned with recruitment, placement of employees, remuneration, training and development, promotions, incentives, measuring productivity and individual performance. * The industrial relation aspect - This is concerned with trade union, negotiations settlement of industrial disputes, joint consultation and collective bargaining Personnel management can include administrative tasks that are both traditional and routine. 2.1.1 Functions of...

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Online document
HR as a Strategic Partner for Organizations of the Future (n.d). Retrieved April 22, 2010, from
Office of State Personnel, California
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