Hr System Focus on Payroll

Topics: Human resource management, Recruitment, Management Pages: 8 (2701 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Literature Review: Recruitment and Selection Process
Nowadays, every organization necessitates personnel planning as one of the most vital activities. Human Resource Planning is, by far, an essential ingredient for the success of any organization in the long run. There are a number of techniques that need to be followed by every organization that guarantees that it possesses the right number and type of people, at the right time and right place, so as to enable the organization to achieve its planned objectives. Commonly, the objectives of Human Resource Planning department include resource, planning, recruitment and selection, career planning, training and development, promotions, risk management, performance appraisal, to name a few. Each of these objectives requires special attention and accurate planning and execution. It is of utmost importance for every organization to employ a right person on a right position. And recruitment and selection plays a pivotal role during such situations. With shortage of skills and the rapid spread of new technology exerting considerable pressure on how employers perform recruitment and selection activities, it is recommended to conduct a step-by-step strategic analysis of recruitment and selection processes. With reference to the current context, this paper presents an incisive review of previous literature on the recruitment and selection process. This paper is primarily based on an analysis of six pieces of literature conducted by practitioners and researchers in the field of Human Resource management. Various researchers have contributed to the field of HRM, and have offered intensive and profound knowledge on the branches of HRM such as scientific recruitment and selection, Manpower management, Job analysis, Need and purpose of Recruitment, and so on. Literature Review:

Edwin Flippo defines Recruitment and selection process as “A process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization.” In simpler terms, recruitment and selection are concurrent processes and are void without each other. They significantly differ from each other and are essential constituents of the organization. It helps in discovering the potential and capabilities of applicants for expected or actual organizational vacancies. It is a link between the jobs and those seeking jobs. Work by Korsten (2003) and Jones et al. (2006):

According to Korsten (2003) and Jones et al. (2006), Human Resource Management theories emphasize on techniques of recruitment and selection and outline the benefits of interviews, assessment and psychometric examinations as employee selection process. They further stated that recruitment process may be internal or external or may also be conducted online. Typically, this process is based on the levels of recruitment policies, job postings and details, advertising, job application and interviewing process, assessment, decision making, formal selection and training (Korsten 2003). Jones et al. (2006) suggested that examples of recruitment policies in the healthcare, business or industrial sector may offer insights into the processes involved in establishing recruitment policies and defining managerial objectives. Successful recruitment techniques involve an incisive analysis of the job, the labour market scenario/ conditions and interviews, and psychometric tests in order to find out the potentialities of job seekers. Furthermore, small and medium sized enterprises lay their hands on interviews and assessment with main concern related to job analysis, emotional intelligence in inexperienced job seekers, and corporate social responsibility. Other approaches to selection outlined by Jones et al. (2006) include several types of interviews, role play, group discussions and group tasks, and so on. Any management process revolves around recruitment and failure in recruitment may lead to difficulties and...
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