HR Contribution to job analysis

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Contributing to the process of job analysis
This report aims to explain the purpose and principles of job analysis and the reasoning behind it. The report will describe the methods used and explore the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. It will give details of a job analysis plan and how it was carried out. It is good practice to carry out a job analysis to contribute to the recruitment for the right candidate for the role also for evaluating and determining the value of the job to the company. The company this report is based on is Alan Howards a Hair and Beauty Wholesalers in Oldham. The company has been established for over 25 years with 22 branches in the North West and supplies Professional Hairdressers and Beautician with products and materials at trade prices, the company also offers a delivery service to salons twice a week. The company currently employs 3 full time staff members and 1 part time staff member. This report aims to help with the recruitment for a full time senior sales assistant to temporarily cover a current colleague as she prepares to go on maternity leave, the employee has been with the company for 3 years and this report will show how the job role has changed helping to develop an accurate job description for the job advertisement. The role of a senior sales assistant within the company is to serve customers, merchandise, assist customers, have basic product knowledge and understanding, process and invoice delivery orders, assist management with daily duties, processing and closing branch orders. The role also covers the for the Managers role when they are at meetings or on annual leave. Findings

The principles and purpose of the job analysis is to collect as much data as possible to contribute to the recruitment process. To look at the job in detail and determine why the job exists, what the job holder is expected to do...
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