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Topics: Management, Want, Need Pages: 6 (1753 words) Published: February 7, 2015
CIPD Diploma in HR practice – level 3.
Assignments 1 and 2
Topic: CIPD Profession Map and HR/L&D practitioner services.

Date: 06.01.2015
Student: Katarzyna Zarnowska
Tutor: Jill Wilson

My report briefly summarise the CIPD Profession Map, then I would like to make comment on the activities and knowledge specified within one professional area first. The second part my report will outline how an HR/L&D practitioner should ensure the services provided are timely and effective.

Table of contents.
1. Introduction.
2. The summarise the CIPD Profession Map.
2.1 The architecture of CIPD Profession Map.
2.2 How the Map works?
2.3 Comment on the one of the professional areas - Insights, strategy and solutions. 3. How an HR Practitioner should ensure the services provided are timely and effective? 3.1 Different customers and their needs.

3.2 Prioritising conflicting needs.
3.3 Effective communication.
3.4 Effective service delivery.
4. Conclusion
5. Reference list.
1. Introduction.
The HR Map can be found on the CIPD website. It is an on-line self assessment tool created and based on research and collaboration with some of the organisations. It is continuously reviewed und updated. The HR Profession Map was developed by the profession for the profession. It was created by both specialists and generalists, working in the UK and globally, across the private sector public and third sectors.

2.The summarise the CIPD Profession Map.

2.1 The architecture of CIPD Profession Map.
There are ten professional arrears which describes what need to be known for each area at four bands of professional competence and gives an extended definition of what HR people need to do and what they need to know for each area of the HR profession at four bands of professional competence. Each area gives a detailed explanation of the key requirements of people who work in that area. There some examples of areas. Strategies, Insights and Solutions - which must focus on the needs of the customers and employees, add value to the organisation, develop understanding of the organisation and use the insights to tailor strategy and solutions to meet organisational needs now and in the future. The other example is Leading and Managing the Human Resources - where HR professionals need to be able to leads and manage a fit for purpose HR function, act as a role- model leader, ensuring that the function has the right capability and organisation design. As the leader makes efforts within supporting, developing and works collaboratively to support each other, each understanding what their own role is and how it contributes to the overall organisation strategy. The Eight Behaviours

There are eight behaviours which describe how HR people should carry out their activities.

2.2 How the Map works?
The 4 Bands of Professional Competence define the contribution that professionals make at every stage of their HR career. For example within Band 1 you should be able to demonstrate supporting colleagues with administration and processes effectively manage information and data. At Band 2, should be able to advise on HR related issues and show a clear understanding of the evaluation process and the solutions available. At Band 3, should be able to lead a professional area, acting as a consultant or partner, addressing key HR challenges at an organisational level. At Band 4, should be able to leading the function or professional area. 2.3 Comment on the one of the professional areas - Insights, strategy and solutions. For Insights, strategy and solutions, to build the picture of how my organisation is currently functioning on the market, from both business and HR related view. So I need a high level of curiosity. I analyse internally and externally my organisation and tried to place the organisation in the bigger picture. I also try to match what is going on inside with the market by connecting with other...
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