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HR homework assignment
Out task was to go to the “Career Expo” and take part of an interview with the HR members of a big company that cooperates in Hungary, in order to gain useful experiences about recruitment. We were very lucky with this exercise because when the previous Career Expo took place during the spring we both looked for job opportunities together where we could spend our summer internship, so we had already done it for real. Both of us are Hungarians, so we did not have any speaking related difficulties of course. But anyway, according to our impression, at most of the stands the interviewees were asked to speak in foreign languages as well to demonstrate their language skills. We visited the stands of various companies but now we would like to describe our observations with British American Tobacco. They looked for financial assistant intern, so we asked for information about it. After a brief company introduction the HR assistant asked us whether we wanted to participate in an interview or not. We said yes, so she gave us a questioner that we had to fill. There were questions about our personalities like “describe yourself in a few sentences”, about our studies, language skills, extra-curricular activities, IT skills. And the second part of the questionnaire contained questions related to the company and the market segment where the company belonged. “What do you think about the product differentiations in the market of the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)” “how can be measured the success/fail of a new marketing strategy in the FMCG market?” “Mention at least 3 tasks of the financial department!” After we were done with the questioner the HR assistant invited us for a brief interview. She checked our papers and asked questions based on our answers. After a short formal talk the assistant gave me a surprised look and asked me about my extra-curricular activities. I am member of a College of Advanced Students and it turned out that she was a...
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