Types of Interview Questions

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Night Fill Interview
What does teamwork mean to you?
When are you available?
How long can you see yourself working for us?
Customer Service Assistant Interview
 tell me about yourself 
Tell me about a time when you showed integrity 
 If a customer were to complain and get angry at you, what would you do?   myself and my hobbies, 
tell me about yourself
Deli Staff Interview
tell me about a time when you were faced with difficulty in the work place and what did you do about it? why do you want to work for coles
Team Member Interview
Why do you want to work for Coles, think of a time when you were in conflict, and how did you solve it, etc Why do you want to work for Coles?
How would u feel about taking direction from someone younger than you? Why did you chose Coles over another company?
1. A bottle of oil has been accidentally dropped in front of you, making it dangerous for you to bypass 2. It is time for you to take a 15 minutes break
3. The stock you are looking for has run out
4. A customer has approached you and asked you to assist them to find the batteries 5. You have 3 additional boxes of stock in a different aisle to be packed away 6. A manager is telling a story to your fellow team members that is not work related but humorous 7. You notice a fellow team member putting some stock in his/her pocket 8. A small child is wandering in your aisle, crying and is obviously lost

Q.) selling a product, discussion about team woking and customer care. You have to introduce ur self first.

I. Sample Coles Group interview questions
Please clicking links below for answer samples, answer tips… 1. Tell me about yourself?( http://www.humanresources.hrvinet.com/coles-group-interview-questions/) 2. What are your greatest weakness?

3. Why do you want to work for Coles Group?
A.)Working in your company is not only offering me the opportunity to work in a highly professional environment, but also giving...
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