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Topics: Universe, Big Bang, Cosmic microwave background radiation Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Assignment 7

Chapter 24:
1. When was the first quasar discovered? The first quasar was discovered in the 1950’s.

2. What is the theory of the existence of quasars? In 1965, Jim Gunn and Bruce Peterson of Caltech predicted that distant quasars should show evidence of the end of the cosmic dark ages. But until recently, no one had ever seen an object distant enough to check their prediction

3. Where can we find quasars and what are the main characteristics? Quasars have little or no visible angular extent. Quasars have rapid light variations. Even high-redshift quasars have long jets. Features in quasar jets are observed to move outward. The angular size of visible nebulas surrounding some quasars does not diminish, and may even increase, with increasing redshift. Some high-redshift quasars are relatively bright.

Chapter 26:

4. What is the origin of the Big Bang Theory? The history of the Big Bang theory began with the Big Bang's development from observations and theoretical considerations. Much of the theoretical work in cosmology now involves extensions and refinements to the basic Big Bang model.

5. When did the Big Bang occur? Space and time were created in the Big Bang. At the beginning of the universe, the space was completely filled with matter. The matter was originally very hot and very dense and then expanded and cooled to eventually produce the stars and galaxies we see in the universe today.

6. What evidence supports the Big Bang Theory? The Big Bang is the leading theory that almost all astrophysicists believe explains the origin of the universe. This is because all observations so far made support the Big Bang theory; there are four main lines of evidence that are most-often used. The expansion of the universe. The universe is expanding now, so in the past it must have been smaller. If it were smaller in the past, then there probably was a time when it was infinitesimally small

7. Discuss the Cosmic...
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