Career Fair

Topics: Employment, Interview, Recruitment Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: May 7, 2013
My overall experience at the career fair was an indifferent feeling. The businesses and corporations that were in attendance were not geared towards the Information Technology field. They were there more so for janitorial work, environmental positions and military opportunities. The first thing that stood out the most to me is that a lot of people were applying for the same position, so it is imperative that you are comfortable around large groups of people. Self-appearance and a high confidence level will put you in a better position to stand out amongst the many applicants. A high confidence level produces a more personable interview. You should always be able to be interviewed on the spot by representatives from different organizations and maintain professionalism and proper diction. You should also have sufficient and correct contact information and references available upon request. The second thing I experienced at the career fair was how being prepared was important. Dressing the part to impress the interviewer increases your chances of being noticed; also writing down some questions ahead of time to ask the representatives about their company makes you seem well informed. I noticed that having a couple of resumes to hand out upon request increased my chances of getting hired. Being on time was very important because the lines are usually long; being one of the first people to arrive increased my chances of talking with preferred companies. The third thing I experienced at the career fair was you have to come prepared to talk about yourself to potential employers, and be able to sell yourself. Overall the experience was very informative and I learned a lot.
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