Hp8002:Forces of Change Essay

Topics: Management, Employment, Labour economics Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Forces of Change
Question: Drawing on at least 3 forces of change transforming the world of work. Discuss how it will affect your chosen career and adjustments you will have to make to cope with the effect of the changes.

The beginning of 21st century brought about many forces of change and some of them that will affect my chosen career will globalisation and technological change, lifelong learning and universality of education.

Globalisation: The globalisation of the world economy has created unprecedented opportunities not only for organisations and companies but also for individuals. Career and job opportunity are not only limited to the local marketplace but also globally. Similarly, we are increasingly finding work being outsourced. Relating to my career, this meant that I will be facing increasing competition from other countries as foreign talent will be attracted to the high pay in Singapore. Hence, I will need to differentiate myself from these foreign talents. One instance that I am able to do this will be to leverage on my local ethnicity roots and appeal to them that being Singaporean; I am actually more familiar with local accounting and auditing standards.

Technological Change: The increase in speed of technology and technological changes and information-communication-technology (ICT) revolution has speeded transaction and enabled real-time transaction. This has lowered the cost of communication, travel and movement of goods and services, culminating in the ‘death of distance’. Thus, this has help to create unprecedented job opportunities in both the lower and management level of the labour market.

Relating to my career, this will actually affect my career as increasingly more jobs will be moving to these low cost countries. Thus, there is two ways to circumvent this problem. One of them is by increasing my level of knowledge and shifting to a more knowledge based job that can help to mitigate the effects of these labour...
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