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Topics: Psychology, Mind, Anxiety Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Eric Richardson
Dr. Muhammad
Psychology 200
July 5, 2013

Paper Title: Dealing With the Psychological Stress Due to a Critically Ill Family Member Introduction Write the actual one sentence thesis statement: Thesis: There are a lot of mentally and physical stress, when dealing with a very ill family member. Body Paragraphs:

I. Excessive stress can cause both psychological and physiological responses. A: Psychologically reactions to stress can many changes psychological state and process. 1. Stress can cause changes in our emotions, it can make us angry. 2. We can tend to lose our motivation.

B. The mental cognition is also affected
1. The ability to make rational decision are altered and you can make rushed decisions. 2. We tend to perceive things the way we want instead of actually medical facts. II. There can be a financial burden that causes even more stress. A. The hospital bill can get extremely high and can be overwhelming. 1. The frustration tends to show and the ill will worry also. 2. Excessive financial burdens can cause excessive stress.

B. An unexpected illness can change your family forever.
1. Some people are never able to provide for their families financially 2. There are programs that will assist the family.
III. You have to find stress relievers and support.
A. Most hospitals that deal with critical ill patients have some type of support groups. 1. The goal is to find some type of stress relievers
2. You have to make sure that you take the necessary breaks. B. The family has to accept reality.
1. The false hope can cause more stress when you realize the truth. 2. Try to always stay open minded.
Write a sentence relating the career to the solution and how society will benefit from the proposed solution. The main thing to remember you have to take care of yourself and know the warning signs of excessive stress. Everyone experiences some type of stress. It can cause mental and physical problems.
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