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Forrest Palis
Health Class
May 7, 2014
Exercising Stress
Relieving stress can be done by nearly any kind of exercise (Mayo Staff). Exercising or being active boost the endorphins that make you feel emotionally and physically good. The exercises one does can vary from person to person, one may find they like yoga, lifting, or aerobic exercising more; but no matter the activity they all help manage stress. Exercising can do many great things for not only your physical health and looks but also for your emotional wellbeing. By exercising on a regular basis it can improve one’s mood drastically. Physical activity helps increase the brains neurotransmitters that make a person feel good. These feel good neurotransmitters in the brain are called endorphins or more commonly known as a runners high. Regular exercise increases self-confidence and lowers the chances of getting mild depression and anxiety. Also regular exercise improves a person’s sleep where anxiety, stress, and depression can occur from. A physical activity improves the attention span during the day, helps the ability to focus on one thing at a time without feeling overwhelmed or anxious (Mayo Staff).

While it is impossible to eliminate stress completely, it is most certainly not impossible to manage it (ADAA). When you exercise the body you exercise the mind. Physicians are constantly encouraging individuals to stay healthy and keep exercising. It is also considered vital for maintaining a person’s mental fitness by reducing the amount of stress taken in on a daily basis. Studies show that not only is physical fitness great for the body it also reduces fatigue, alertness and concentration, it is improving ones overall cognitive functions. Stress can make a person’s body physically tired it drains someone emotionally and reduces their ability to stay alert stay strong and live a normal healthy lifestyle. When the brain is stressed the rest of the body is affected. There are many different...

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