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How Will Our Future Be?

Oct 08, 1999 864 Words
How Will Our Future Be?

The way the future is heading seems to be very clear but as before things may change. The time to come will never reveal itself until it has actually been. From this point of view I will try to describe the way I see the future coming our way.

One of the major aspects when discussing the future is how will the law be handled and how power will be dealt with. Will we be able to decide for us self what we want to do with our lives and will the right of every individual be respected, as written in the constitution. There is no way I could be forced to believe otherwise. Our society today is made to decide if every citizen in Denmark should have some sort of card that you used for multiple things. Your health-insurance, driver's licence, personal identification and many other things. Some people say that this is the beginning to the completely government controlled society where your every move is followed by the administration.

The year is 2096. We are standing in the airport near Copenhagen. A lot of people are walking by with their net-agents. A small computer-program that has been trained to inform you on all the things that you find interesting. To identify themselves they have their citizen-card plugged into the device. An agent is calling our net-computer. He wishes to inform us about all the activities in Copenhagen today but of course only the ones he knows we might be interested in. The agents are a very handy invention which was created in the late nineties, by a small company called Micro-help. Nowadays everybody has on or more. The net-agents work 24 hours a day at the global, fibre-optical network. The network is so fast you never experience the bottleneck when transferring data like in the old days. This is a major advantage for the large number of people working from their own homes. They use a technology called net-meeting if they have to discuss some paperwork over the net. It is possible to both look at your colleague in the video-chatter and at the same time write in the word- processor while the other person is watching and commenting. The schools all over the world is using this technique to exchange information. There is also a separate net called cyber-net. This is even more advanced than the other net. It is the ultimate cyber-space where you virtually can be anywhere on the entire planet, and you can even visit the other planets in our solar system. This net is based on the sophisticated Virtual Reality Nirvana 3D technology. In spite of the wide spread of computers in all the layers of society it is only the really big companies and their employees that takes VRN-3D into use. Imagine a world which is like a movie where there only will be good things, No pain.

In this society year 2096, every one almost is living in the cities from where they control their daily function. Even the farmers live in the city. They have given up the dirty work and started to maintain their acres and their stocks from computers. They have agents checking on the cattle 24 hours a day. They do this by a neurotic-implant called the CAT-Tracer. This implant can interface with the brain and thereby sense if everything is all right. The agents can even do the medical treatment if needed.

In Copenhagen like every other major city it has stopped growing wider and begun to grow upwards and downwards. This small finesse secures the environment from being run over by bulldozers. Every time more settlements are needed they just builds another flat on top, because it is cheaper than digging under the big city. This means that there is no lack of residences.

On the educational side of society there is a lot more to learn now than there were earlier. You have to be completely in to how a computer works and what its major potential is. The functionality of the programs. In other words you have to be an expert in this area. Furthermore you have to get an education in the field of the industrial oriented direction you may want to work with later on. The learning process is sped up by an implant for better perception and memorising. For years the human race thought that genetic manipulation was the way to a better race. Today we know that nature is much better at selecting the fittest. A lot of money is saved by not doing those extremely expensive experiments. The reason why we have selected to use implants is that such can be removed at any time and is not a positively last change as the genetic manipulation was.

Generally I think humanity has finally learned not to repeat the tragedies of history. We have to work with and for the nature and understand that it is our "BIG BROTHER", whom it is watching out for us and our every little step.

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