Flash Foresight

Topics: Future Pages: 9 (3678 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Flash Foresight Assignment
Chapter One:  Start With Certainty – Use Hard Trends to see what’s coming. It’s so easy to focus on what we can’t do; what we can’t resolve, where we don’t see eye-to-eye, what we don’t know.  With this focus, coming to any kind of common understanding is just about impossible.  Where should we focus? We should focus because it allows us to see what we agree upon and what we can and do desire. What is Cyclic Change? Cyclic change is change that does not cycle back on itself. Basically what goes up must come down. (I.e. Birth and death) What is Linear Change? Linear change is acyclic and progressive. It does not cycle back on itself but it does progress forward in one direction. (I.e. what goes up does not necessarily come down, aging) What is a Hard Trend? A hard trend is a protection based on measurable, tangible, and fully predictable facts, events, or objects that will happen (a future fact). What is a Soft Trend? A soft trend is a projection based on statistics that have the appearance of being tangible with fully predictable facts but in actuality is something that might happen (a future maybe).

Chapter Two:  Anticipate – Base Your Strategies on What You Know About the Future. In the future there will be two kinds of people:  those who do not anticipate change and those who do anticipate change.  Those who do not will experience massive chaos and dislocation.  Those who do anticipate change will find unprecedented opportunities.  What is meant by Change from the Inside out? It’s the kind of change that allows you to direct your future and seize your destiny by having personal and organizational growth. Identify the Eight Pathways of Technological Advancement and what does each mean? Dematerialization- As technology improves we are reducing the amount of material it takes to build the tools we use, subtracting atoms from them even as we improve their capacity and performance. Whatever is made can be dematerialized if desired. Dematerialization does not necessarily mean smaller. How can you make a car use less gas - Make it lighter by dematerializing it? Virtualization- Virtualization means taking things we currently do physically and shifting the medium so that we can now do them purely in a weightless representational world. Mobility- With the advance of wireless technology, we are rapidly being de-tethered from everything. Traditional videoconferencing for the few is shifting to full-fledged visual communications for everyone. The degree of mobility has changed, and the degree of practicality and productivity in a mobile context has been transformed. Product intelligence- Is the degree to which we can now add intelligence to practically any product. Networking- Telephones were the first truly modern network, in that they allowed us to start intercommunicating at great distances in real time. Today we are capable of carrying on several conversations at once, without losing the thread of any one of them. As networking increases in its scope, speed, and accessibility, we are also enlarging its meaning and application, working not only in the media of text voice but also in video and even 3D video. Interactivity- Interactivity is the continuing process of opening up all our media to become dynamic and gaining the ability to interact with everything. The more you interact with something, the more engaged you become. Globalization-technological advances have allowed us to achieve globalization. Convergence- convergence is when the pathways of technological advancement overlap and interact which is serving to drive the acceleration of technological advancements. What are the Three Digital Accelerators and what does each mean? Processing power is the computer processer speed.

Bandwidth- the amount of information that can travel over a given channel Storage- The capacity to store information is increasing at a faster more dramatic pace than processing power and bandwidth....
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