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How to Refill a Bsa R-10 Mk2

By FrankieClark Sep 05, 2013 581 Words
Using the Quick-Fill
• Before filling, always ensure the rifle is unloaded and the safety catch is on.
• If the buddy bottle is empty, cock the rifle before filling. • Insert the filling adaptor into the filling port, and push it home. • Make sure the bleed screw on the charging unit is closed, and then open the air bottle valve slowly.

• Slowly fill the rifle to the maximum recommended charge pressure, and close the valve. Allow a few minutes for the pressure to settle. If necessary, repeat the procedure to top up the pressure in the gun

• Quickly open the air bleed valve on the charging unit to allow the pressurised air in the hose to escape.
• Pull the filling adaptor from the filling port.
• Remember that your rifle may be cocked, if so you should de-cock it immediately for safety reasons.
• To de-cock your rifle, release the safety catch, then pull back the bolt and while holding the bolt, pull the trigger and slowly allow the bolt to move forward until it is back in the rest position.

Regularly check the condition of the filling probe “O” rings and apply a little Molycote 111 grease. Only use this grease on the “O” rings as automotive mineral oils and grease can cause an explosion if used with high-pressure air. Using Compressed Air

High pressure compressed air can be used safely provided proper procedures are followed, if you are not sure of the procedure ask your gun shop for advice. Never try to fit a buddy bottle to the gun when the rifle is in a partially assembled state.

The removable buddy bottle can be filled from an air tank or using a hand pump. Whichever equipment is used, a pressure gauge and supply hose bleed device must be included, and the manufacturer’s instructions must always be followed.

The buddy bottle can be removed and changed for a spare bottle in the field if required.
Only dry breathing quality air should be used in guns.
Never fill any gun with oxygen, or any other gas.
Removing the Buddy Bottle
• Apply the safety catch, remove the magazine and check that there is not a pellet in the barrel, if in doubt point the rifle in a safe direction and fire the rifle to ensure that the barrel is clear.

• To avoid damage to the buddy bottle “O” ring, which can result in leaks, it is essential to first close the valve in the buddy bottle by unscrewing it one full turn. There will still be some compressed air in the rifle’s regulator. To release this, point the gun in a safe direction, take off the safety catch and fire the gun several times. Repeat the firing-cycle until the muzzle discharge becomes quieter and the pressure gauge reads empty. • If the muzzle report is still loud after firing the gun 8-10 shots and the gauge is still showing air in the gun, unscrew the bottle a further quarter turn and repeat the process. Once the rifle is empty the bottle can easily be un-screwed.

Filling the Bottle with Air
An optional filling adaptor which screws onto the top of the buddy bottle (part number 16-6440, not supplied) is obtainable from BSA stockists. • Check that the threads on the bottle and filling adaptor are clean, then screw the bottle into the adaptor until it is tight.

• The procedure for refilling the bottle is identical to that when u

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