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  • handgun vs. no handgun

    Handgun vs. No Gun Do you think it is appropriate whether people should own a handgun or not? The article “The Accessibility of Guns Protects Lives” by David M. Huntwork and “The Accessibility of Guns Lead to Gun Crime” by Alan M. Ruben both have significant perspectives regarding if it is secure or hazardous to own a firearm. There can be a debate of whether guns can protect our lives or can lead to gun crimes. There are several opinions stating that firearms are beneficial to own in one’s lives

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  • Handgun Ownership

    Title: Handgun ownership Name: Tseung Chi Hung‚ Nathan (10550214) Class: Eapp1 23 On 2nd April 2012‚ A shooting incident that killed seven people and injured many people happened in a university in Oakland‚ California. There is another shooting incident in 9 days later in Los Angeles. People starts to question why it will happen and how to prevent it. Some people think that citizen should not own handgun while others deem that it is an important right of the citizens. Therefore‚ I would like

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  • The Controversy Of Banning Handgun Bans

    Handguns can be effortlessly disguised‚ so they are the weapon of decision for individuals who use them for self-protection. Shockingly‚ they are likewise the weapon of decision for mobsters. Since handguns are simple for culprits to take‚ handguns are promptly accessible on the illegal market; this settles on handguns as an alluring decision for lawbreakers. The greater parts of violations are involved with utilization of a handgun; this is a major issue in America today. Although most would concur

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  • Getting a Grip on Handgun Hype

    Cal Goossen 14 November 2012 “Getting a Grip on Handgun Hype” In her essay “Why Handguns Must Be Outlawed‚” Nan Desuka brings for the issue whether handguns should be outlawed except to police and other service units. I disagree with Desuka’s position on banning handguns. This essay offers arguments why they should be banned without offering realistic solutions to the problems Desuka states in owning handguns. Retaining legalized handguns affects all of us. It’s essential to Collectors and

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  • should handguns be kept in home

    some people prefer to leave crime related issues with the police‚ others rather not wait and protect themselves from the start. Handguns are extremely dangerous to own; thus‚ being pro on owning a gun can save your life when it comes down to burglaries‚ self defense‚ and ones families’ protection. There are hundreds of children that are victims of their parent’s handguns every year because of the firearms being misplaced or misused. People usually make the huge mistake of buying a firearm and placing

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  • Rogerian Argument - handguns in US

    For some time now the question of whether or not handguns should be legal to all citizens has haunted our society. Is it morally right for anyone to carry a gun and shoot it when they feel it to be necessary? Doesn’t the second amendment still hold true today? These question are ones that have been thrown back and forth between pro and anti gun users for some time and will probably continue for some time longer. There are people who say handguns in the home can only cause unneeded accidents.

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  • Why Handguns Should Be Banned

    Elijah Mann White 2nd 31 October 2016 Why Handguns Should be Banned Handguns are very easy to buy and conceal. Criminals can get these weapons and conceal them just like everyone else. That makes them very dangerous. That’s why they should be banned. Handguns are small‚ lethal‚ and easy to obtain.“...semi-automatic handguns with magazines that slide into their grips-- are the most manufactured category of American firearm. According to the ATF‚ 4‚441‚726 were produced in 2013” (Ryder). That number

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  • Semi Automatic Handgun Research Paper

    When I look a handgun to purchase‚ the first question I have to ask is what to buy a revolver or a semi-automatic handgun. You see they both have the same outcome as they both will lay lead down in a hurry. So as I had done my research on what type of handgun to purchase‚ I looked at the history of what works for law enforcement as we carry handguns on a daily basis. I looked back on the Tennessee Highway Patrol and what we carried for years and found that we carried a .357 caliber revolver for years

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of Handguns In Arizona

    My proposal to prohibit handguns is beneficial for a few reasons‚ the most important of which are the possibility to decrease the number of deaths caused by the firearm as much as possible‚ improve the position of Arizona in the safety ratings among all US states‚ and‚ of course‚ achieve the establishment of the supremacy of law instead of the rule of revenge or intimidation and harassment in the state as well. Let us take a closer look at the possible outcomes of this change. First of all‚ current

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  • Should Private Ownership Of Handguns Be Banned In The United States

    Should private ownership of handguns be banned in the United States? In my opinion yes‚ because ownership of these guns can lead to irresponsible actions and mass shootings such as the event that occurred in Las Vegas. First of all‚ private ownership of handguns is not easily obtained. In the U.S. you must have a special license and can only buy the firearm from a seller with a license to sell the handgun. In twelve states you are not required to have a license‚ in twenty-nine states you must pass

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