How to Play Golf

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How to Play Golf
There is a lot of sports you can play throughout your life but I would have to say playing golf is the most challenging. Like in basketball you can practice your free throw shots multiple times and keep getting close to the hoop, which is the target, and get frustrated that it didn’t go in. But in golf you rarely ever get close to the target and when you do it’s like making a basket, you are super excited. It takes patients, and dedication to keep practicing.

The first thing you need to do if you are going to take up this sport is go buy a set of golf clubs, depending on the brand of clubs you get they can cost you anywhere from $300 to thousands. Then find yourself a local golf course or driving range and a pro, which can be a expert teacher at golf, there willing to keep working with you. Now the best thing to do is get a membership if you’re going to take this seriously and keep going out that way you will saving money.

After you have all your necessities, you will start with your swing with beginners this will be very hard and frustrating because it is very challenging to get even close to a good hit. What you will want to do is always make sure your posture is good, your spine needs to be straight when your getting ready to hit the ball. One of the drills you can practice is putting a golf club along your spine and holding it at the top. Get in your position to hit a golf ball, now the club should be touching your spine all the way down, if you are to hunched it won’t be touching your lower spine. Make sure every time you hit a ball your spine is nice and straight.

The next step you will take is the turning motion, a lot of beginners also pick their left foot up when they are taking the club back, but your feet need to stay planted. You can take a club and place it across your chest and cross your arms while holding it there. Then practice your swinging motion, turn your back and keep your feet planted while...
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