golf swing speech

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Golf is such an amazing sport and experience. Myself I have been an avid golfer for 8 years. It is by far the most demanding sport I have ever played. It teaches you so much such as, persistence, patience, and how to overcome obstacles. I am very competitive, and in order to be competitive in golf you have to be consistent. The main element in order to be consistent is your golf swing. Your golf swing is your building block to being a competitive golfer. Your golf swing consist of 4 main fundamentals, Your grip, your approach or stance, you backswing, and your final position. Let’s start out with the keys to a successful grip. Your grip is referred to the placement of your hands on the club. Your grip enables you to be comfortable in holding the club and enables you to have your hands work together. Grab the club at the top of the grip, at the end of the shaft with your non-dominate hand. My dominate hand is my right so I would grab the club with my left hand. Place the shaft in the crease of your fingers and hands. The grip should cross the base of your last three fingers and the middle of your index finger on your left hand. Always make sure that your thumb is set on top of the grip, parallel with the shaft. The next part to complete the grip is placing your right hand on the grip. This part has many different varieties of how to place your right hand with your left. The most important thing when placing your right hand with your left, is to have them place as close together as possible. The best grip or way to place your right hand with your left, is interlocking grip. You place your right hand and fit it with your left hand that was placed in the beginning. You then interlock the left index finger with your right hand pinky. Your approach or stance is what is what you do next after successfully griping your club. Your stance, with respect to your feet. You

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