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How to Kick a Soccerball Demonstration Speech

By cds530 Nov 02, 2012 365 Words
A.Attention Getter- It’s the 90th minute. Your team is tied 1-1 and you are dribbling the ball down the field. You come up to the goal area, and kick the soccer ball into the upper right of the net. Your team wins the game 2-1 and you’re the MVP!

B.Thesis Statement- Fairhearing or significance- Today I will be teaching you how to kick a soccer ball, or at least improve your kick.

C.Knowing how to kick a soccer ball can be a very valuable skill to learn. Whether you are playing with your friends, or want to join a soccer team and score your first goal. Before we get into kicking the ball, I will inform you how soccer first originated.

Around the 2nd Century, military training documents were found showing that the chinese military they played a game where a leather ball, filled with hair and feathers, was passed and kicked around their fields. Multiple years later, they realized that they could have more fun trying to kick it to a certain destination, which is commonly known as a goal net. With that, I’ll be showing you how to kick the ball.

D.Overview/Body ( Demonstration)
1.Practice kicking the ball up to yourself. (to get the right feel for the ball.)
2.Take a few steps forward and plant your non-kicking foot next to the ball.

3.Point your planted foot in the direction you want the ball to go. (This is helpful when you are trying to score a goal.

4.Bring your leg back and swing it forward with your toe pointed towards the spot you are concentrating on. (You should be kicking the ball on the laces of your shoe)

5.Follow through like you are landing from a jump. ( If you lean your body in so that your body weight is pushed forward, it will allow your follow through to be stronger.)

III. Conclusion
To review, we learned how soccer was created, practicing kicking the ball to yourself, swinging your foot, and following through the kick. Hopefully you now know how to kick a soccer ball correctly, and go have fun.

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