How to Insert and Remove a Soft Contact Lens

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How to insert a soft contact lens in your eye

I was blessed with my father’s eyes. Therefore I have had to wear corrective lenses since I was in the second grade. When I turned 15 years old I started to wear soft contact lenses. I was so excited to finally get out of glasses. At first it was very hard to get the hang of how to put the contact lenses in. After much practice I finally got it. I have been wearing soft contact lenses for nine years now. Every morning I put the contacts in my eyes and every night I take the contact lenses out. Today I’m going to show you how to insert and a soft contact lens. If I can do it anybody can. These are the following items you will need: A sink

Hand soap
Some paper towels
A large mirror that stands on its own (a restroom mirror is perfect) A clean contact lens case
Soft contact lens solution (Opti-free Replenish recommended)

Be sure to have good lighting and have all materials within reach. Wash hands with soap and water.
Rinse hands until soap in gone.
Dry hands with a paper towel until hands are completely dry. Fill both sides of contact lens with contact lens solution. Open contact lens box (es) if the prescription is different in each eye, the Doctor will mark the boxes R for right and L for left. If this is the case open both boxes Remove one individually wrapped contact lens from each box. I would recommend working with your dominate eye first.

Open the contact lens package carefully.
Remove the contact lens.
This can be done by pouring the solution and contact lens into the palm of your non-dominate hand. Also, this can be done by simply scooping the contact lens out of the package with the index finger on you dominate hand. Scooping the contact lens out this way can cause a scratch on the surface of the contact lens or even tear. Be very careful.

Place the contact lens on your index finger of your dominate hand. Look at the edges, if the edges are pointing up...
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