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How to Insert a Contact Lens

Inserting contact lenses can be frustrating for a new user. Just when you think that you’ve got it right; it pops right back out. This is normally caused by the lens becoming too dry from all the trying, or simply because it is inside out. Yes, inserting a contact lens can definitely be a hassle in the beginning, but these simple steps will make a beginner look like a professional.

First of all you must consider hygiene and make sure you have a clean work area. Most people prefer to insert their contacts in the bathroom, and that’s fine but don’t forget to sanitize your counter before getting started. You can do it in your bedroom, or some other area in your home, if that’s what you prefer, but remember that you will need to feel comfortable, have access to good lighting, and a mirror. Take out your lens case and solution for easy reach, and wash your hands thoroughly. Remember, your fingers need to be very clean to prevent irritation of your eyes. Use a clean towel to dry your hands after washing.

Open the lens case, and gently grab the lens to place it on the tip of your index finger. Before you start trying to insert the lens you have to make sure it’s not inside out. The easiest way to see whether or not it’s right is to examine the edges of the lens. The edges should point upward; imagine cutting a ball in half. The lens should be ready to cup the eye. If the edges tend to be flat, then the lens is inside out, and you will have to invert it before placing the lens on your eye.

You need to control your blinking when you are trying to insert the lens (it’s much easier said than done, but do your best.) Raise and hold your upper eyelid by using one finger from the free hand. Use your middle finger of the other hand to draw down the lower lid while extending your index finger where you have the lens. If you try to place the lens directly on to the center of the eye you’re going to blink for sure....
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