How to get a high GPA

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How to get a high GPA
GPA (grade point average) is a standard to judge students whether take a hard work in their academic course. A lot of college students have a plan to go further study after graduate, and GPA plays an important role in the application of further study abroad. Since it is significant for those students to get a high GPA. To get a high, it should follow the steps to study your curriculum sequentially. First of all, you should prepare the lesson before class. In UIC, teachers teach students with English; it would have many new words for students. It is necessary for Chinese students to read the chapter ahead; look up the new words; try to come up with the question about the chapter and write it down to ask the teachers. After that, you should listen to the teachers seriously and try to ask some questions. Teachers’ lecture can explain the abstract concept and remind you which place you should focus on and pay an attention to. You should take note and write down what the teachers have emphasized in the class. Never feel shamed for interrupting the lecture; when you feel confuse, try to raise your hand and ask teachers some questions. Sometimes, teachers will put forward some bonus questions, you ought to answers them, which can raise your mark in your participation part. Finally, you should review the lesson in time and do more extra exercise. Many normal students just review the lesson before the exam. It is not enough to get the good mark. You should remind the knowledge after every class; before you sleep you can recall the knowledge that you learnt on the day. In addition, it is not adequate to write the answer promptly in the exam by just doing the homework. You need to look for extra exercises and do it, which can reinforce your knowledge. Getting a high GPA is not a instant event, it should acquire you to study step by step. If you follow the step patiently and contribute a hard work to the study, you will get the high GPA.
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