How to Explain Color Red to a Blind Person?

Topics: Color, Green, Red Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Can blind people see in their minds? How do they dream like? Do they know what colors are? How in general do they percept world with their eyes never opened since they were born? Those are some of many questions that we may possibly ask a blind person. Can we explain them what color red is? We’ve all seen what it is like. To explain it we have to “turn on a different mode” in our heads. We do not only see colors. Like this red dress, black cat, hazel eyes. When we close eyes and think about color red we see so much more. So we can explain color by comparing it to some thinks that blind person may know about. One thing that we can see are emotions. Actually they are usually both very intense, but extremely different: love and hate. We can describe color red as love, passion, infatuation, desire. When seeing lovers we may thing of red sort of halo moving with them. We can also see this kind of halo but maybe in darker shade around people in fight. When blind person will think of hate, anger, cruelty, ferocity. We can explain to this person that color red is like these emotions, very intense, after some time it may begin to bother us. Color may also be explained to blind people as things that are typically red and they know how those things are like. A flame, burning wood, coal in the BBQ, are all red so it can be explained as something hot, burning. Another red thing is blood; we all have it in our system so fluid that runs through our veins can be one of explanations Color red is also visible on traffic lights and on the stop sight. It can be seen as a sign to finish doing something or as the end. Being blind does not mean that that a person does not see anything. It meant that this person just sees things differently. In my opinion those explanations may help blind people to understand what color red is.
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