Sense and Children

Topics: Sense, Blindness, Education Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Some of these children have disabilities. Do you think people's perceptions of others play a role in the success of children with disabilities? Why or why not? Yes, I do, especially the perception teacher have of children with disabilities. When teachers do not look at children’s disabilities, and only look at the child, and what the child needs in order to succeed in their classroom, I believe it makes for a more rewarding environment for both the student and the teacher. When a teacher truly cares about their students it shows in the success of their entire classroom. When teachers look at their disability as a hindrance, and a bother, they are less likely to work and accommodate for the student, which lowers the students’ self-esteem as well as shows the other students in the classroom that that student is not as valuable as the others. •Based on your own perceptions, how would you feel about having these children in your classroom? I would love to have these children in my room, I believe that they can be an inspiration to all of us. I feel these students are just as valuable as any other student and should be treated fairly in the classroom. •If you were put in charge of a movie production about a person with blindness, what type of perceptions would you want to make sure are portrayed in your movie? What myths could you debunk? What stereotypes would you want to make sure to avoid? The importance of using their other senses to “see” what the world looks like. Those of us who can see are not aware of the importance of smell, and touch. We see with our eyes, while blind people see with their hands, ears, nose, etc. Blind people are not always unable to see everything. They can feel when the lights go lower, or the sun shines brighter.
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